Why Should You Not Delay Root Canal Therapy?

Why Should You Not Delay Root Canal Therapy?

June 1, 2022

Are you looking for excuses to put off root canal treatment or postpone the therapy for some time? Is there any specific reason encouraging you to indulge in such behavior despite having a painful tooth? Are you aware of the consequences of delaying root canal treatment for too long and the costs associated? If not, we recommend you undergo the therapy suggested by the dentist in Newton Falls immediately without further delays.

The Newton Falls dentist suggests root canal therapy near you because you have an infection inside your tooth that needs eradication by performing a simple and painless procedure. The surgical process performed by a specialist helps eliminate the infection from your tooth, relieves the excruciating pain you experience, preserves your natural tooth, and most importantly, prevents the spread of the infection to other parts of your body; your remaining teeth.

When you accrue multiple benefits by undergoing a simple therapy and also get rid of the pain you experience, why would you want to delay treatment or endure the pain? We think you must get over the problem you confront instead of suffering in silence.

Why Are Root Canals Better Not Avoided?

That you need root canal therapy in Newton falls confirms that you either left deep decay untreated for too long by neglecting dental visits or had chips and cracks in your tooth that you overlooked. Your mouth bacteria would have enjoyed themselves penetrating your tooth until they got to the soft center of the dental pulp.

Dental pulp infections cause excruciating pain and tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures even after removing the sensation. The pain you experience subsides for some time, only to return with ferocity.

When you visit the Newton Falls dentist complaining about toothache, they examine the tooth thoroughly, taking x-rays to determine whether you have dental pulp fiction. They recommend root canal therapy only after confirming the existence of dying or dead dental pulp within your tooth.

What Happens If You Delay Root Canal Treatment?

The term root canal will undoubtedly scare you and make you wonder what you must endure further when undergoing this treatment. Your apprehensions might encourage you to delay the treatment as far as possible. However, do you know the consequences of delaying this specialized treatment that helps preserve your tooth and overall health?

First of all, root canal treatments are the only alternative to getting your tooth extracted. However, if you delay root canals for too long, you soon confront a situation where the dentist recommends the removal of the affected tooth to preserve your overall health. You might think emergency tooth extraction is more accessible and affordable than root canals. However, have you ever considered the costs of replacing the missing tooth and how many appointments you must schedule with your dentist to get the replacements?

The dental pulp infection inside your tooth gradually expands to the neighboring teeth and eventually infects your jawbone. As a result, you might develop a dental abscess near the root of your tooth to cause more pain and require further treatments from dentists before you can undergo root canal therapy.

A dental abscess is not a minor toothache but is a life-threatening condition that spreads to your jaw, neck, head, and other body parts. You might become susceptible to health conditions needing treatments from different medical professionals making it incredibly expensive to leave you wondering if you should have adhered to your dentist’s instructions.

What Happens When You Undergo Root Canals Promptly?

When you decide to have root canals immediately after receiving the recommendation, you prevent all the problems discussed earlier and give yourself an excellent opportunity to preserve your natural tooth.

The dentist completes root canal treatment in one of two appointments depending on which tooth is affected in your mouth. You don’t require a hospital stay and can return home after receiving the therapy. You might experience some discomfort for about a week after the procedure but will soon feel better as the pain subsides with medications provided by dentists.

Root canal treatments render your tooth fragile after removing the dental pulp and nerves from within and require protection from fillings or dental crowns. You can have a permanent filling if you wish, but you will do better by having a dental crown to restore the tooth to its strength, functionality, and appearance.

After undergoing root canal treatment promptly, you get to enjoy the luxury of having your natural tooth in your mouth without having to search for replacements. Prompt root canal treatments also restore the health of your smile while preventing numerous other health complications and letting you lead a healthy life.

Holpuch Dental in Newton falls provides comfortable and reliable root canal treatments for many patients. If you need this therapy to eradicate dental pulp infection, kindly schedule an appointment with the facility to safeguard your natural tooth and overall health.

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