Picking Suitable Dental Fillings for Your Teeth

Picking Suitable Dental Fillings for Your Teeth

April 1, 2022

If you need dental fillings for your teeth, you and the dentist near me have various materials to choose from. Before your appointment to get dental fillings, please realize your options to ensure the restorations don’t impact your appearance.

Types Of Dental Fillings

The complexity and material of dental fillings vary. Some fillers are direct and placed in the cavity immediately after decay removal. However, you can also have indirect fillings. If you prefer indirect fillings or need them, your tooth’s impression is taken to have a custom filling created from a dental laboratory to fit around the tooth. If your dental provider recommends a tooth restoration, be aware of your choices because it can help you make an informed decision for your mouth.

Composite Fillings

A popular choice among people is composite fillings. Quartz in resin or glass helps make composite fillings. Composite fillings are appropriate if the size of the cavity is small or medium or if your tooth is subject to excessive chewing pressure. In addition, composite fillings might be an excellent option if you are scared of dental work. Composite fillings do not require excessive drilling because the composite resin bonds to the tooth. Furthermore, composite’s and closely be matched the color of your remaining teeth.

Silver Amalgam

Silver amalgam fillings are popular filling materials used by dentists for decades. These fillings combine mercury, silver, copper, and tin. If you want a durable and long-lasting filing solution, you might find silver amalgam an ideal choice. Silver amalgam fillings are also affordable.


Gold fillings are incredibly durable and long-lasting. Gold combined with other materials helps make these fillers. Gold fillings remain effective for over 15 years and are less likely to stain. However, they are expensive and need multiple appointments with dental fillings in Newton Falls because they need fabrication from a dental laboratory.


Another indirect form of filling is porcelain. Porcelain fillings require multiple visits to the dentist but are nevertheless recommended because the fillers appear like natural teeth. Therefore, if you want to maintain a natural appearance, dental fillings near you might recommend porcelain fillings.

Glass Ionomers or Resin

Children are also prone to cavities similar to adults. Therefore, children also need cavity fillings even on baby teeth. Glass ionomers or resin fillings are ideal for primary teeth. These fillers are helpful to close small areas of decay and help strengthen the tooth because they release fluoride. When used on permanent teeth, glass ionomers are often placed in areas where extensive chewing pressure doesn’t exist.

The Tooth Filling Process

You might think the tooth filling process is intensive and will require you to endure plenty of discomforts. However, dentists do not subject you to unnecessary pain and discomfort but complete the dental filling process in approximately half an hour, depending on the location of the cavity, the extent of the damage, and the filling material you have chosen.

Dentists provide you with local anesthesia to ensure your tooth is entirely numb during the tooth filling process. After giving you local anesthesia, the dentist drills the cavity to remove all pollution. After decay removal, the dentist cleans the hole to remove debris and prepare the tooth for the filling.

If you need dental fillings for a molar and have chosen silver amalgam as the filler, it is placed directly into the cavity to restore the tooth. However, if you have a hole on your anterior teeth and have chosen composite resin, the filler needs application in layers and requires slightly more time than silver amalgam fillings. At the end of the filling process, the dentist advises you not to try eating for at least a couple of hours until the numbing medication wears off.

Choosing The Ideal Filler for Your Teeth

With different materials available to fill your tooth, you might think selecting the filling material is a challenge. However, if you discuss your preferences with your dentist 44444, they help you choose the appropriate filler for the cavity after considering its location, your aesthetic preferences, and budget. Seeking advice from your dentist is an excellent option when selecting filling material for your teeth. Dentists provide dental fillers to many people and know which material is suitable for which tooth. For example, dentists never recommend silver fillings on your front teeth unless you wish to have them. Therefore when picking dental fillers for your teeth, consider the advice of your dentist besides your aesthetic preferences for restoring your tooth.

If you need dental fillings for cavities, please schedule an appointment with Holpuch Dental, where the dental professionals help you make an informed decision and get the fillers.

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